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Alexis - USA - Equestrian.
Animals, bands, tattoos, nature, music, Netflix, guns, trucks/muscle cars, Supernatural, and my boyfriend Nick are my favs.
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I just wanna rub your back all night.
I wanna be able to reach out just a little bit and feel your warm body next to me.
I wanna hear you breathing and kiss your forehead in between sleepy sighs.
I wanna smile when you snuggle closer even though you’re almost on top of me.
I want you here. Always.

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u readin this?

u a princess.

i dont care if youre a goddamn bodybuilder, ur now princess protein

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Pop punk bands saying “friends”

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"I don’t want to admit it but I’m scared as fuck without you here."
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happy halloween. its fucking halloween every day from now until the end of october. happy fucking halloween

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"I think she’s special. She doesn’t need anyone. Like that’s the thing. Even if we were together, she wouldn’t really belong to me. She doesn’t belong to anything. She’s off in her own world…"
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